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She was such a dirty girl, so dirty i mustve known it wouldnt last, but ill never get vagina like this again
One of the greatest european whores ive ever hired, she was perfect. you might not think so because she didnt smile, but she didnt get annoying either.
European swap student we had in our house. she was some comfortable with her body and sex, fine times.
Enjoys showing and masturbation, do you dudes think shes hawt?
I miss the hair most of all, her body was cool but her hair always smelt amazing and felt so silky.
She loves wearing corsets and hot garters, i also included an xmas outfit for you guys!
This bitch had a total food fetish, i thought it was cool at first until her pussy started to smell like compost
She may be getting on in years but she still just loves anal xxx
She was the ultimate nympho, but boring out of bed, there are only so many times you can drill the same babe up the arse before its routine!!!
My wifey and i on a vegas vacation, i did the gambling and she hooked up with a few random guys, we were both happy
I want to hate her but i cant, especially with these pics to remind me of how sexy she could be
Really openly bisexual oriental chick in a small town, so shell take any cock or twat she can get
She was a hot teen that i shacked up with when we worked at the same place between semesters, havent seen her since
Most chicks choked on my penis but she was the only one who actually cherished it, wish we were still together
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Small town christian moved to fl and married a chico and now likes to drill
Sexy greek girlfriend as we were sunning ourselves on the mediterranean
Getting ready for the strip, she did a fast tease show for me. those were some excellent times.
She likes to pose for me, but she always makes me promise i wont share them and i always say i wont
I miss being with this chick, she was really bisexual and hot as hell, just didnt work out
After a night of drinking my wifey and i got frisky, shes horniest at 3am
Fat twat on display at the beach, her huge body probably feels amazing
I gave her some porn toys for her birthday, and she was too stupid to know what they were. penetrate it.
Playing with my prick and then posing her lovely body around, some of these shots turned out to be art
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Everyone thinks shes the fine girl, but now that shes broken my heart these pics are gonna prove otherwise
She had the pinkest prettiest pussy ever, im happier with my new chick but her pussy looks like ground beef hash
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Dumb dumb thought she was so hardcore, but really shes just a cheap whore not worth anybodys time except for fucking
Give her a call u could be the future ex-bf
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My ex sucked me and let me photograph it, i almost told her she was stupid to her face
While all you assholes are posting your exs take a look at a real loyal girlfriend, enjoy :)
No face, but i tear it up regularly. this is my mother btw, so you understand the no faces part now right?
Collection of pictures from my exs phone, she left me for a black guy. wtf
MILF in a thong moving around the house, she put on a robe at some point but penetrate that
Shes pregnant, naked, and eating my pickle. no one said having babies is so much fun
Fine body for a mother right? those thick dark puffies are so like herseys kisses i want to eat them up
Pics around the house of my sexy wife, she never leaves the house so i know she doesnt cheat
MILF with really amazing skin, tight body too damn id hit it
Home camera pictures of my ex prancing around her bedroom, what a flake
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This goodie two shoes MILF doesnt mind getting naked and tweaking her pussy
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Superb gal likes being naked, i also included some photos of her drilling my friends!
Some whore flashing her cunt and showing off her underwear, huge deal.
Super slutty bitch who cheats on every buddy shes ever with!  super low self confidence and sets her standards low
Close-up wife part two - here is me into my wife.  you can watch more of her twat tattoo
Blondes r fun! huge titted blondie slut that gave me some joy for a few  months.  helped me get over an ex girlriend
Sandra showing us all what she thinks shes worth... just a piece of mind...shes worthless and blow job in bed
Just ask her shell do what you wish.  had some mental issues but wouldve looked past them if she wasnt such a whore....!
My ex girlfriend rennie liked posing nude outdoors by the river.  it was her most relaxing spot to hang out she said.  it made me and my prick happy so...
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Different kinds of girls.. which one you prefer?...some of my girls..tell me which one do you like the best...???
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Marsha enjoys to position artistic nudes - she used to be an escort and danced for awhile but refused to shave
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The other lady exposed. - she decided to drill up my marriage after ending our affair, so heres my revenge on her...
We stopped for the night at a crappy b&b on the way to florida last year, took some pics to keep the memory
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My nasty little girlfriend - bought a new camera for a class at school and decided to get some practice with it
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